Our Clients Include

Litigation/Attorneys · Receivership assistance/contractors · Investigatory organizations · Insurers · Asset managers · Loan workout and REO · Tax and appeal · Loan servicers and sub-servicers · Accountants · Auditors · Federal · State and county governments · Portfolio managers · Mortgage reps · Auctioneers · Investors · AMC companies · Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac contractors · FHA contractors · Trust fund managers · Private home owners

Since 1977, lenders, relocation companies, accountants, and individuals have relied on Leigh B. Pattalochi, SRA, to provide quality appraisals and reliable service.

We offer competitive fees for residential, and income-producing properties in Tucson and the surrounding counties of Pima and Santa Cruz.


All of our real estate appraisers are dedicated to the highest level of customer service. We recognize that with each and every appraisal we produce, our reputation is on the line. Our real estate valuation company, Leigh B. Pattalochi Co., was formed with the goal of providing quality reports, and accountable service for the greater Tucson area. We believe in constant communication and responsive service with appropriate turn times. With over 40 years of combined experience,  our residential real estate appraisers will provide you with ethical, unbiased and objective values. Your service will be the best available, leaving you with a well rounded appraisal performed with honesty and integrity. The appraisal industry can be complex, and appraisers have many rules, regulations, and standards to adhere to. Our appraisers are constantly working to keep current and compliant with these rules and regulations. We have built our entire business around the idea of delivering on our promises of 100% accountability, which means you will get an appraiser dedicated to timeliness, accuracy, and responsive communication. We've invested heavily in our Information Technology systems to keep all our appraisals on track, and keep you in the know.

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